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PHOENIX, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FIELD+MEDIA CORPS, a leading political field operations firm, is thrilled to announce its transformation into a comprehensive joint field, media, and communications agency. This strategic evolution will enable FIELD+MEDIA CORPS to offer a one-stop solution for political campaigns, businesses, advocacy groups, and organizations seeking to maximize their impact in the ever-evolving landscape of political and community affairs.

For years, FieldCorps (now FIELD+MEDIA CORPS) has been recognized as a trusted partner for political candidates, parties, organizations, businesses, and issue-based campaigns, providing top-notch data driven field operations. This transition represents a natural progression for the company, aligning with the dynamic needs of its clients in a digital age where communications and field operation are more interconnected than ever.

Key features of the newly formed joint field and media/communications agency include:

  1. Experienced Team:
    Pita Juarez, VP of Marketing and Content Development
    Sandra Carranza, VP of Media
    Francisco Heredia, CEO/Partner
    Eduardo Sainz, COO/Partner
    Karina Felix, Strategic Compliance and Finance Advisor
  2. Data Driven Operations: We will continue to excel in data analytics and targeting, ensuring clients receive data-driven insights that inform their campaign decisions and maximize their resources for the greatest impact.
  3. Media Production Services and Media Buying Strategy: Offer clients quality media production, photos, video, social media content and access to top of the line media targeting software.
  4. Integrated Campaign Strategy and Solution: We will now offer a holistic approach to political and public affairs campaigns by seamlessly integrating field operations and media/communications strategy. This means clients will benefit from a unified strategy that leverages data-driven insights and targeted messaging to reach desired audience and stakeholders effectively.
  5. Compliance Hub: As we assist with media and field operations, the need for reporting those expenditures on-time and accurately is important. We have built a diverse team of compliance professionals who are minority led to assist with clients needs.

“We are excited to embark on this new chapter as a joint field, media and communications agency. The integration of our field operations expertise with cutting-edge media and communication strategies allows us to offer a comprehensive solution that meets the evolving needs of our clients in today’s fast-paced political landscape. With this transformation, we are better equipped than ever to help our clients succeed in their campaigns and advocacy efforts,” said Francisco Heredia, CEO of FIELD+MEDIA CORPS.

For more information about FIELD+MEDIA CORPS services or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please visit www.fieldandmedia.com or email us at [email protected].

SOURCE Field+Media Corps

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/fieldmedia-corps-a-comprehensive-field-and-mediacommunications-agency-301969452.html
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