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Zoi Capital Founders and Industry Veterans Announce 200 Million Dollar Fund Targeting AI Technologies with Practical Applications for Healthcare

Zoi Capital Founders and Industry Veterans Announce 200 Million Dollar Fund Targeting AI Technologies with Practical Applications for Healthcare

The Venture Capital Firm Set to Expand Investments in Innovative Healthcare Companies

NEW YORK, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Zoi Capital, a venture capital firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for healthcare, announces their fundraising goal of $200 million for their Health AI Fund I. Founded by Mayo Clinic-trained cardiologist Dr. Ronald M. Razmi and Brian K. Beeler, former Executive VP and General Counsel of Horizon Therapeutics, the co-founders and Managing Directors share more than 50 years of experience in the medical technology field and have been responsible for more than $30 billion in exits via public markets and acquisitions.

Zoi Capital was conceptualized after a former G7 Nation Head of State reached out to Dr. Razmi for help in evaluating how AI can increase access to high-quality healthcare. The conversation illuminated the need for experts with deep health AI expertise to drive the selection of the best use cases for funding. In the United States, the stakes are especially high because if the U.S. healthcare sector were a country, its $4.5 trillion size would rank as the fourth largest in the world, surpassing Japan’s entire economy.

“Much of the investment in the emerging health AI sector has gone into use cases that have a hard time gaining traction,” said Dr. Razmi. “This is due to a myriad of issues such as unproven economic benefits to the buyers, use cases not being ready for prime time, and inadequately trained AI models. You now need a new breed of investors who have clinical and operating experience with these technologies in healthcare to direct capital to the best companies” Razmi notes.

Against a backdrop of the recent decline in fundraising by venture funds and startups, Zoi Capital’s founders believe that a new approach to private market investing is needed. Brian Beeler noted “We believe high returns on capital will be earned by specialist investors with a deep focus on one sector. To that end, Zoi has assembled a team of digital health operators and investors to pursue this opportunity.” Zoi leverages its deep relationships with the leading medical institutions to secure deal flow and uses a set of proprietary score-cards for selecting the best companies. The Zoi team utilizes its extensive past operating experience in supporting their portfolio companies to formulate the optimal commercialization strategy and scale up.

For more information, please visit: www.zoicap.com

About Zoi Capital

Zoi Capital is a thematic venture capital firm that specializes in the growing applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Led by Brian K. Beeler, a former life science company executive that has been involved with managing multiple corporate venture funds and over $7 billion in transactions, and Dr. Ronald M. Razmi, former Cardiologist, McKinsey consultant, CEO of Acupera, and author of the new book, AI Doctor: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, the firm’s competitive advantages include cross-functional expertise in practicing medicine, operating successful digital health companies, and investing in medical technologies.

With the help of their proprietary investment platform, AI Doc, Zoi Capital is able to find and select companies with technologies that provide immediate benefit to healthcare stakeholders while solving for the unique friction points that usually derail or delay adoption. While relationships with top academic medical centers provide access to unique deal flow, Zoi plays an active role in improving the product road map, optimizing commercialization strategy, and facilitating faster exits.

Press Contact:

Michelle Moskowitz

SOURCE Zoi Capital

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/zoi-capital-founders-and-industry-veterans-announce-200-million-dollar-fund-targeting-ai-technologies-with-practical-applications-for-healthcare-302184809.html
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