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World Molecular Imaging Society Heralds New Era with WMIC 2024 Theme: ‘Discover. Visualize. Treat. Cure.’

WMIC 2024: Montreal September 9-13, 2024. Call for Abstracts Deadline: April 12, 2024

Call for Abstracts – WMIC 2024 – April 12, 2024 Deadline

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) today announced the theme for its 17th annual World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC): “Discover. Visualize. Treat. Cure.” This forward-looking theme encapsulates the expanding scope of molecular imaging research, which has evolved from primarily visualizing and understanding disease mechanisms to now encompassing precise diagnostics, targeted therapeutic delivery, and the ultimate pursuit of cures. The integration of imaging and therapy represents a transformative progression in the field, opening new frontiers for innovation and translation that hold tremendous promise for improving human health across a wide spectrum of diseases.

“Our members are at the forefront of this evolution, leveraging molecular imaging to drive therapeutic discoveries and translation from bench to bedside across numerous diseases,” said Dr. H. Charles Manning, 2024 President of WMIS. “As a Society, we increasingly find ourselves parlaying molecular imaging to discover, mature, and translate new therapy across a wide range of human diseases. The WMIS has long illuminated the invaluable role of molecular imaging in the development of new therapy, including small molecules, biologics, and cell therapy.”

This theme, “Discover. Visualize. Treat. Cure.,” encapsulates the full continuum of molecular imaging’s impact, underscoring its vital role not just in disease detection and monitoring, but also as an integral enabler of targeted, personalized therapy. “The World Molecular Imaging Congress is the ideal venue to celebrate the convergence of molecular imaging and therapeutics discovery, from the earliest developments driven by biology and chemistry to multidisciplinary-led first-in-human clinical trials,” said Dr Manning.

The WMIC 2024 program, taking place in Montréal, Québec, Canada, from September 9 – 13, promises a wealth of pioneering research and thought-provoking discussions. The Scientific Program Committee is currently accepting abstract submissions across various categories, including Bioengineering, Synthetic Biology, & Basic Biology; Cardiovascular & Pulmonary; Computational & Data Science; Immunology/Inflammation; Infection; Instrumentation; Neuroscience; New Chemistry, Materials, & Probes; Oncology; Systemic Diseases (Kidney, Liver and Pancreas). Researchers are invited to submit their abstracts by the April 12, 2024 deadline, via www.wmis.org.

With over 250 presentations and more than 800 scientific poster presentations, the WMIC 2024 will serve as a global platform for researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders to share their findings, collaborate, and collectively drive the field of molecular imaging forward.

Plenary Highlights include:
● “Radiotheranostics: A Pyrrhic Victory or a Trojan Conquest?” by Lisa Bodei, MSKCC
● “New Directions in PET Neuroimaging” by Richard Carson, Yale University
● “From Co-pilot to Co-investigator: Are We Ready for AI-Enabled Science?” by David Jaffray, MD Anderson Cancer Center
● “Engineering Approaches to Develop Genome Editing Technologies” by Ben Kleinstiver, MGH/Harvard University
● “Molecular Mapping for Digitizing Single Cells” by Weihong Tan, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)

The World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) is dedicated to developing and promoting translational research through multimodal molecular imaging. The vision of the World Molecular Imaging society is to globally unite and expand molecular imaging and therapy to improve human health. It is our mission to help expand the discovery and utilization of these techniques for research and clinical use by creating awareness of their benefits, advocating to solve issues and barriers that face their progress, generating world class education and training, and sponsoring needed trials and registries to support their advancement. For more information: www.wmis.org.

The education and abstract-driven World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) is the annual meeting of the WMIS. WMIC provides a unique setting for scientists and clinicians with very diverse backgrounds to interact, present, and follow cutting-edge advances in the rapidly expanding field of molecular imaging that impacts nearly every biomedical discipline. Industry exhibits at the congress included corporations who have created the latest advances in preclinical and clinical imaging approaches and equipment, providing a complete molecular imaging educational technology showcase. For more information: www.wmis.org

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/701197318/world-molecular-imaging-society-heralds-new-era-with-wmic-2024-theme-discover-visualize-treat-cure

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