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Virtual Internet Announces Virtual 5G for Android now with Anti-Malware

Virtual Internet Announces Virtual 5G for Android now with Anti-Malware

Most Advanced Anti-Malware for Android Virtual 5G fully protects users on its 5G Global Network

Not just Anti-Virus –it is Anti-Malware

Critically Important Advance for the Most Private Services and Communications

SINGAPORE and SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Internet announced the completion of a comprehensive Anti-Malware capability for Virtual Internet Services. This new Anti-Malware suite has been added to both Virtual 5G and Virtual Home Office.

More than Anti-Virus

This new capability is not just Anti-Virus –it is Anti-Malware. Malware, or “malicious software”, covers a wide range of malicious software’s including spyware, worms, ransomware, and in addition, viruses. Anti-Virus packages protect only against viruses which are an older type of malware and represented the main threats to users. Threats to online users have evolved and the new Anti-Malware software suite announced by Virtual Internet can handle the wide range of existing and importantly, emerging threats.

Threats to Android vs iOS

Malware is a much bigger threat to Android devices than it is to iOS devices, just from the sheer volume of Android devices in the world today. Android is a larger target of opportunity for hackers. Android’s position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide continued throughout 2023 with a global market share of 75%. Android has the majority market share in 193 of the 195 countries in the world and in most nations Android market share approaches 95%. In 2023, around 3.6 billion Android users (72% of the 5 billion connected users) are spread across 190 countries. It is no wonder Android devices are popular targets for cybercriminals.

Mobile Devices run the World: Don’t let their small size fool you

The explosion of bring-your-devices (BYOD) policies during and after the pandemic created a large, new attack surface. Employees love mobile devices for their convenient access to corporate data systems; attackers love them for the same reason. Mobile devices have a huge target on their backs. Mobile devices are a key part of today’s modern business: 56 percent of employees rely on at least four to eight enterprise applications on their mobile device. Mobile devices have the greatest impact on personal and corporate security. It’s easy to see why half of organizations worldwide reported suffering a mobile-related compromise in 2023.

Malware on mobile Android devices comes in many forms, including adware, ransomware, trojan-banker (aka ‘bankers’), and trojan-dropper (aka ‘droppers’).

Spyware-as-a-service increases threats to companies

Spyware has been on the rise. This type of malware is available on underground forums as a service, with even unskilled attackers buying it for just a few hundred dollars or euros. These codebases have quite broad capabilities, including recording calls, hijacking and controlling the cameras, stealing photos, emails, and even contacts. Spyware critically threatens companies because it can steal sensitive data, leak private conversations, obtain confidential contacts, and make this all public. Attackers spy on communication between two parties without anyone noticing. Next, the cybercriminal can use the collected information to contact the company using fake email, pretending to be one of the affected persons. Adware and hidden apps are the main types of Android malware that target devices. Malicious hidden apps often change their icons and hide on the device. These apps can start to display unwanted ads or even execute other actions in the background.

Attacks on Android devices grew 500% during 2023 alone. Malware and phishing are two particular mobile threats:

  • 18 percent of clicked phishing emails in 2022 came from a mobile device. (Verizon Mobile Security Index 2022)
  • 46 percent organizations that had suffered a mobile-related security breach in 2022 said that app threats were a contributing factor. (Verizon Mobile Security Index 2022)
  • 9 percent of organizations suffered a mobile malware attack in 2022. (Check Point 2023 Cyber Security Report)
  • 45 percent of schools reported that at least one cybersecurity incident last year started with Chromebooks or other mobile devices (Malwarebytes Research)

Virtual 5G with Anti-Malware –the World’s only Fully Secure Global 5G Network

Service Providers merely offer connectivity.

Virtual 5G is the World’s only Global 5G network, and the only 5G network with complete privacy and security, because wherever sensitive data exists, threat actors are out there trying to steal it. That’s just another reason why Virtual 5G is the World’s Premier 5G Network.

Virtual 5G: The World’s Best 5G

Virtual 5G’s Anti-Malware suite is the Best in the Industry for Android featuring:

  • Near-zero battery impact, Users will never notice any impact on battery at all.
  • Extremely fast, it will scan small files (1MB) in <20ms, and even large files (40MB) in 1000ms.
  • Memory efficient.
  • Regular selectable scans of system, internal storage, external storage, and installed apps.
  • Real-time scanning, scanning multiple files asynchronously, and can detect malware in real-time on write and internal storage.
  • Works completely privately to your device, by working offline. Internet access is only used to download signature databases, files will never leave your device.
  • Hard coded with persistence, so it will automatically restart on boot/update, no malware can prevent its protective startup and execution.
  • A micro-codebase, leaving no room for insertion of malicious code, with minimal dependencies, and can be audited those with basic programming knowledge.
  • Signature databases which can be enabled/disabled at the user’s demand.
  • Augmented with malware definitions from global databases.

Enhanced Virtual 5G direct from Virtual Internet

Virtual 5G with Anti-Malware is also being offered with an enhanced suite direct from Virtual Internet. The Anti-Malware upgrades include the option to allow your 3rd-party apps to invoke scans of Android themselves by notifying Virtual 5G to scan the entire system. It also includes Automatic database updates and Automatic database generation with full Database sanity checks and much more. For security purposes, Signature databases are not disclosed.

Virtual 5G is not just an App –it is a Global Platform

Virtual 5G has taken this step because Virtual 5G is recognized as the premier platform for 5G Global Enhanced Mobile Broadband; over every network, every communication method, for every app, at home at work, in your car, and while traveling. 

Virtual 5G is now also recognized as the most private and most secure 5G Global Enhanced Mobile Broadband Network available, increasingly critical for secure messaging, secure calling and for confidential medical and financial applications.

Virtual 5G is the only 5G service that is natively designed to communicate over a 5G Global Broadband Network that is itself multiply encrypted. Virtual Internet’s Global Virtual 5G Mobile Broadband Network because of its design, is more than fully secure, it is invisible, while delivering a 5G service that is important for high bandwidth, real-time messaging communications.

Virtual 5G: A Must Have

Personal Healthcare, Finance and Communications are just a few of the services that users need to secure from online hackers and undesired third parties. Users need Virtual 5G for Android.

About Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

Virtual Internet is a metaverse company, incorporated in Singapore. Virtual Internet is building a new community of millions of users, connected through multiple networks. Virtual Internet has created and operates on its own Virtual 5G Global Overlay Network, which allows millions of other applications and services to be delivered over 5G Mobile Broadband Speeds using existing Cellular Radio, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM networks.


SOURCE Virtual Internet Pte. Ltd.

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/virtual-internet-announces-virtual-5g-for-android-now-with-anti-malware-302057224.html
Images courtesy of https://pixabay.com

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