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Transforming Kids’ Screen Time: EdTech Startup Offers a Solution Amid Social Media Addiction Lawsuit

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Kids use Carrots&Cake

Kids use Carrots&Cake

42 attorneys general filed suit against Meta claiming their social media platforms purposefully addict kids. Carrots&Cake offers a science-based solution

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, November 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Forty-two attorneys general filed suit against Meta claiming the company’s social media platforms purposefully addict kids. EdTech platform Carrots&Cake offers parents a science-based solution.

Amid an onslaught of lawsuits filed against Meta, alleging that the company is fueling a youth mental health crisis through its social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, parents are finding a screen time balance for their kids with Carrots&Cake.

Rooted in scientific research, the startup learning platform aims to make screen time less habit-forming for children. It counters the manipulative features of social media that are designed to keep kids hooked, and it fosters self-regulation skills.

Co-founder Hamel Shah, a Cambridge graduate, INSEAD MBA, and father of two commented, “TikTok and YouTube already face hundreds of lawsuits filed on behalf of children and school districts about the addictiveness of social media. Too often, parents are told they are to blame when their kids can’t put down devices, but Big Tech’s entire business model is predicated on how long they can keep a child’s attention. Carrots&Cake wants to empower families and make it easy for parents to re-balance their kids’ screen time in a way that’s healthy and beneficial.”

Carrots&Cake changes kids’ online behavior and helps them develop healthy screen habits by managing the order in which they interact with apps. With Carrots&Cake, parents can select any educational apps from the App Store – what the company calls “Carrots.” When kids turn on their devices these are the only apps they can access. When learning time finishes, kids can express their agency and enjoy a preset amount of free screen time – referred to as “Cake Time.”

The approach – developed by parents, teachers, and doctors – accounts for a child’s developing prefrontal cortex. It balances dopamine levels, introduces delayed gratification, and leads to the development of self control, resilience, and grit. Kids avoid the negative impact of excessive screen time, have fewer screen time tantrums, and parents can hand over devices guilt-free.

Early users report their kids’ time on learning apps tripled, while overall screen time was cut in half. As a result, the science-based app has received support from leading experts in child development and addiction fields. American Child Psychologist, Dr. Adam Pletter, said, “[Carrots&Cake] empowers children by granting them a sense of agency over their screen time, fostering healthy habits and self-regulation practice.”

Dr. Gwenyth Jackaway, a former Media Science professor at Fordham University, added, “Parents aren‘t just battling screen time with their kids: they‘re up against Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue and Wall Street. Navigating this on your own is a daunting task. Carrots&Cake helps level that playing field.”

Co-founder of Carrots&Cake Meredith DePaolo, a Yale-educated mother of two said, “Parents are saddled with a lot of guilt; screen time doesn’t have to be added to the pile. With Carrots&Cake our kids are no longer digital zombies. Parents have peace of mind knowing that when kids are on devices, they are engaging in safe and beneficial activities. There’s no more mindless scrolling. Screen time is focused and intentional. ”

Since the platform’s launch last year, Carrots&Cake was selected from among thousands of applicants by TechCrunch to participate in its Startup Battlefield 200 at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 in San Francisco. It won the 2023 Mom’s Choice Award, 2023 Family Choice Award, and was the 2022 Best Mobile App Gold Winner.

Carrots&Cake, an iOS-based app available on iPads and iPhones, is committed to transforming the digital parenting landscape, ensuring children’s screen time is safe, balanced, and healthy. It’s not about limiting screen time.

Governments around the world have taken action to protect kids from online influences, pointing at a global crisis:
• In October 2023 the UK’s Online Safety Act became law tasking social media companies with the responsibility of keeping the internet safe for children.
• In May 2023, the US Surgeon General issued a “call for urgent action” asking policymakers and tech companies to create healthier online environments for children.
• In China, children under the age of 18 are prohibited from playing video games during the school week and limited to one hour a day of gaming on weekends and public holidays.

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Carrots&Cake: Screen Time Just Got Healthier

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/665289892/transforming-kids-screen-time-edtech-startup-offers-a-solution-amid-social-media-addiction-lawsuit

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