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Total Compliance Tracking Integrates with Jira for Streamlined Compliance Management Workflows

The latest integration makes TCT Portal even more convenient and efficient

We’ve heard from clients who are very excited about this new integration….This will dramatically simplify their world.”

— Adam Goslin, TCT Founder

ROCHESTER, MI, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a significant development for compliance management, Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) has announced the integration of TCT Portal with Jira, the widely used ticket management software by Atlassian. This integration is expected to streamline compliance-related tasks by embedding them into the existing workflows of organizations that utilize Jira for their daily activities.

The integration between TCT Portal and Jira allows for the automatic generation of tasks and requirements from TCT Portal within the Jira ticket tracking system. This capability is expected to enable organizations to maintain their existing operational systems while managing compliance tasks within the same familiar environment of Jira. Users can now interact with compliance-related tasks within Jira, performing actions such as attaching evidence, commenting, and navigating through different workflow stages. Once a task is completed, the compliance information is automatically updated back to TCT Portal.

This integration eliminates the frustrations of navigating between two systems — TCT Portal and Jira — as well as the inefficiencies of manually creating compliance tasks within Jira. It is available for every certification in TCT Portal and is currently accessible to all TCT Portal customers subscribing to TCT’s Pro Bundle.

TCT’s Founder, Adam Goslin, highlighted the ability to leverage the robustness of existing organizational processes: “The integration between TCT Portal and Jira allows organizations to capitalize on the sophisticated infrastructure of their existing toolsets while enhancing the oversight of technical resources engaged in compliance-related activities.”

The integration comes as a response to the challenges faced by organizations that go up against compliance standards, disrupting well-established workflows in technical departments. By embedding compliance tasks within Jira, TCT Portal aims to facilitate a seamless transition for these organizations, minimizing disruptions and maintaining workflow integrity.

Early response from TCT’s customers has been positive, with many anticipating that the integration will simplify their approach to security and compliance engagements. “We’ve heard from clients who are very excited about this new integration,” Goslin said. “Many of our clients have dozens of technical support staff across a broad swath of areas of expertise. This will dramatically simplify their world, because all those technical resources will now have this capability.”

In alignment with its customer-centric approach, Total Compliance Tracking plans to further refine this integration based on client feedback and recommendations. This approach reflects a continuous improvement model, to better serve customer needs while enhancing the compliance management process.

For additional information regarding TCT Portal’s integration with Jira and its implications for compliance management, interested parties are encouraged to contact Total Compliance Tracking at [email protected].

Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) is dedicated to making compliance management suck less. Since 2013, TCT has served the security and compliance community by providing both a SaaS-based compliance management platform called TCT Portal and hands-on consulting.

TCT Portal is an end-to-end software solution that automates all the heavy lifting of a compliance engagement. It was built by security and compliance people, for security and compliance people — incorporating decades of in-depth, hands-on compliance management expertise. The platform organizes every aspect of compliance engagements and typically cuts manual labor in half. TCT Portal serves any company subject to compliance, those serving those dealing with compliance challenges and Assessment Firms.

The TCT consulting team has multiple decades of combined hands-on experience in every facet of security and compliance management. TCT’s compliance consulting provides confidence and peace of mind in the midst of an overwhelming compliance engagement. The consultants have been in the trenches and know what it’s like to try to manage security and compliance efforts while under-resourced or under-experienced.

TCT can provide consulting services and software packages (via TCT Portal) for virtually any compliance regulation, including PCI-DSS, SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO, and dozens of other standards.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/668198142/total-compliance-tracking-integrates-with-jira-for-streamlined-compliance-management-workflows

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