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Tianliculum: Customizing Your Educational “Menu”

HONG KONG, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 29, the “Education, Technology, and Talents” 2024 Science Education Innovation and Integrated Development Forum was held in Chengdu. Hosted by Tianli Education Group, the forum gathered numerous authoritative experts and scholars from various industries to jointly discuss the frontiers of scientific education.

At the forum, scholars from Tianli Education shared the construction of the Tianliculum system, which centers on scientific literacy. Currently, Tianli Education has established an educational objective system centered on scientific literacy and is actively engaged in the construction, implementation, and evaluation of the Tianliculum system .

Overview of the Tianliculum

The Tianliculum comprises four major programs: Tianliculum Preschool Program (TPP), Tianliculum Elementary Program (TEP), Tianliculum Junior Program (TJP), and Tianliculum Synergized Program (TSP). These programs cover various educational stages from kindergarten to junior school, including innovative international course projects from primary to high school. Each program is akin to a carefully crafted dish, designed to meet the differentiated educational needs of students of different ages.

Cultivating Core Competencies

The core of the Tianliculum lies in the cultivation of “Tianli Seven Competencies,” namely, Physical Fitness, Resolute Mind, Ethical Morality, Academic Success, Action Oriented, Creative Thinking and Social Service. These core competencies, like the essence of a dish, permeate every course and activity, ensuring that each student excels not only academically but also in their specialties and overall qualities.

Courses as Dishes

In this “educational restaurant,” national compulsory courses such as Chinese, mathematics, and English constitute the “main dishes,” forming the focus of students’ daily studies. Moral education is served as the “staple food,” providing a solid foundation for students’ comprehensive development. Large-scale activities are like “hard dishes,” enhancing students’ practical abilities and team collaboration through diverse and enriching courses that promote comprehensive literacy. The learning environment, akin to elegant tableware, provides a comfortable atmosphere for students to learn. The daily schedule and learning process are like the serving order, ensuring that each part proceeds in an orderly manner.

Customizing the Educational Menu

A significant feature of the Tianliculum is its customizability. Depending on the specific needs of each school and the individual circumstances of students, educators can flexibly combine these course “dishes” to create the most suitable teaching menu. This ensures that regardless of whether a school wishes to emphasize academic achievement, specialty training, or quality education, the Tianliculum can provide a comprehensive and balanced solution.

In summary, the Tianliculum is like a high-end customized educational restaurant that can offer the most suitable “combination of dishes” based on different educational needs and student situations. Here, every student can receive the most suitable educational nutrition, achieving excellent academic results while also exhibiting their unique talents and noble characters in various aspects.

SOURCE TIANLI International Holdings Limited

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