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The future of real world asset management is on the blockchain. With Americana, your digital wallet gets physical

The future of real world asset management is on the blockchain. With Americana, your digital wallet gets physical

A Harmonious System

Artists are empowered to blend traditional works with digital mediums, creating new art forms and expanding their audience reach. Collectors are able to experience art in multiple formats, enhancing both accessibility and appreciation of the artworks. For the very first time, users can seamlessly transact both digital and physical items as one, enjoying all of the luxuries of digital assets. This ground-breaking technology allows people to pair two pre-existing counterparts of a digital and physical asset with each other, unlocking a new realm of possibilities.

Americana Takes Care of the Front End and the Back End

Americana offers comprehensive asset management with instant liquidity access, giving owners unmatched flexibility and control. Leveraging partnerships with industry experts, Americana handles custody and care of the physical asset and delivers the tech infrastructure so users can focus on what they love and not the real world friction of asset management. Collectors can archive and exhibit their collections, accept offers, or list for sale in seconds without the friction of traditional physical asset management.

Only on Americana

Americana works directly with contemporary creators to engage collectors for authentic and transparent acquisition, exhibition, and management of their collectibles. Tokens can be appreciated in your digital wallet on all platforms, but are securely transacted on the Americana platform. A closed system ensures the physical asset is securely transferred and creators can claim the royalties they deserve. Partnered creators collect 10% of secondary sales, on every sale. Authentic, protected assets and transactions on the blockchain modernize collecting to foster meaningful connection and storytelling.

A Future Reimagined

With these developments, Americana is not just changing the way we think about collecting, it’s redefining it. By bridging the gap between RWA and digital, ensuring security and transparency, and supporting the creative community, Americana is poised to lead collectibles into a new era for total portfolio management. Embark on the revolutionary journey of collecting with Americana, where exploration and engagement converge seamlessly. 

About Americana

Backed by Alexis Ohanian‘s 776, Opensea and FUTURE, the technology offered by Americana is truly groundbreaking, providing a long-awaited solution for physical asset management.

Americana is a pioneering digital platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way we collect, manage, and appreciate art and collectibles. By leveraging innovative technology, Americana offers a seamless and secure experience for collectors and creators worldwide.

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Visit www.americana.io and us on X @AmericanaNFT to stay updated on the latest news and features.

SOURCE Americana Technologies, Inc.

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