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Solving the Critical Infrastructure Power Supply Issue with FREEN’s Small Wind Turbines

FREEN’s small turbines solve the most important problems of reliable power supply to critical infrastructure facilities

Our goal at FREEN is not merely to produce wind turbines, but to engineer solutions that redefine the future of sustainable energy.”

— Gregory Levkovets, COO of FREEN

KOHTLA-JÄRVE, ESTONIA, November 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The reliability of power supply is becoming increasingly important, especially considering the growing load on electrical grids and changing climate conditions. The issue becomes even more critical when it comes to powering vital infrastructure facilities such as hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, and other essential entities. The lack of a reliable energy source can lead to severe consequences, including the paralysis of city services and potential threats to citizens’ lives and health.

For instance, in Australia, small wind turbines have already been successfully utilized to power telecommunications towers, affirming the potential of these turbines in sustainably powering critical infrastructure in urban settings.

Furthermore, small wind turbines have proven to be a significant element in enhancing resilience to natural disasters, especially in residential areas. Following disasters that disrupt power supply, these turbines can quickly restore electricity, thereby supporting critical infrastructure and aiding in recovery efforts.

FREEN offers its innovative solutions to this problem through its small wind turbines, FREEN-5 and FREEN-15.

FREEN-5, a vertical wind turbine designed for installation on residential and commercial rooftops, boasts a nominal power of 5 kW. Its advantages include a lightweight design at 500 kg, cost-effective maintenance, simple assembly, and the ability to operate at wind speeds as low as 2.5 m/s.

On the other hand, FREEN-15 is a wind generator with a nominal power of 14.7 kW, ideally suited for use in both on-grid and off-grid scenarios. Operating at wind speeds of 3 m/s, its low noise output renders it suitable for various residential and public settings.

These wind turbines provide a reliable solution for powering critical infrastructure, especially in regions with unstable or weak wind conditions. Due to their lightweight design, ease of installation and operation, they can be used almost everywhere.

Gregory Levkovets, COO of FREEN, stated, “Our goal at FREEN is not merely to produce wind turbines, but to engineer solutions that redefine the future of sustainable energy.”

ABOUT THE COMPANY: FREEN is an innovative leader in the development and production of small wind turbines.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/665529237/solving-the-critical-infrastructure-power-supply-issue-with-freen-s-small-wind-turbines

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