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Retired Air Force Veteran Shares Insights on Paranormal Investigation in New Book

Retired Air Force Veteran Shares Insights on Paranormal Investigation in New Book

The Other Side Of Here

Veteran Turned Paranormal Investigator and Author

To know, is to know that you know nothing . That is the is the meaning of true knowledge”

— Socrates

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Retired Air Force veteran, Kirk McManus, has recently published his first book, “Why Are Ghosts White: The Other Side of Here,” which delves into the world of paranormal investigation. With over 20 years of experience in the military and a passion for the unknown, McManus offers a unique perspective on the profession and aims to educate the public on the truth behind paranormal phenomena.

In his book, McManus covers a wide range of topics related to paranormal investigation, including methods and techniques used by professionals, public perception, legislation, and a Body of Knowledge. Unlike other books in the genre, “Why Are Ghosts White” does not focus on sensationalized stories or jump scares. Instead, it provides a comprehensive and informative look into the world of paranormal investigation.Rejecting Hollywood’s sensationalized definitions, his research and publications focus on science and practical solutions to address haunted properties. This book advocates for respect and empathy when dealing with clients experiencing paranormal activities and urges readers not to trivialize ghosts and emphasize the importance of taking a serious, science-backed approach.

McManus’s interest in the paranormal began during his time in the Air Force, where he encountered unexplainable events and phenomena. After retiring from the military, he decided to pursue his passion for the unknown and became a certified paranormal investigator. Through his work, he has gained a deep understanding of the profession and aims to share his knowledge with others through his book.

“I wrote this book to educate the public on the reality of paranormal investigation and to dispel any misconceptions or stereotypes surrounding it,” says McManus. “It’s not about fear or entertainment, but rather a serious field of study that requires a scientific approach and a deep respect for the unknown.”

The academic and professional certifications the McManus has earned such as diplomas in Operations Management, Psychology, Human Resources, and Parapsychology from various institutions, reflect his expertise in diverse fields. From practical ghost hunting to flight attendant training, Kirk’s education extends beyond the conventional, showcasing a unique blend of skills that contribute to his success in paranormal investigation and writing of this book.

“Why Are Ghosts White: The Other Side of Here” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other major book retailers. For those interested in learning more about the world of paranormal investigation, this book is a must-read. McManus’s insights and expertise offer a refreshing and informative take on the subject, making it a valuable resource for both professionals and curious readers alike.

For more information on Kirk McManus and his book, Kirk McManus can be reached at Facebook or his business address: 3911 Dunn Ave, Lincoln, NE 68502.

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