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OnlineMedEd Confronts Medical Student Crisis with Free Mental Health Resources

Launching during Mental Health Awareness Month, OnlineMedEd adds vital mental health resources to its recently launched student success suite

AUSTIN, Texas, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Medical students are three times more likely to die by suicide than the general public, according to a report from the Council on Medical Education.1 This devastating reality highlights the urgent need for comprehensive mental health support. In response, OnlineMedEd is intensifying its commitment to mental health and well-being by expanding its free suite of resources to include mental health, mindfulness, and financial education tools to empower students to enhance their overall well-being.

The deepening crisis in medical education, characterized by high attrition rates and a critical shortage of practicing physicians, jeopardizes both the medical profession and public health across the U.S. This urgent situation, intensified by a lack of adequate mental health support, demands decisive action and comprehensive reform. OnlineMedEd is at the forefront of these efforts, playing a pivotal role in reshaping a sustainable medical workforce.

OnlineMedEd’s initiatives not only address immediate needs but also set new benchmarks in medical education. By enhancing their capacity to cultivate well-rounded, resilient doctors, these initiatives ensure readiness to meet the escalating demands of the healthcare industry.

“Our mission goes beyond merely boosting test scores; it involves advancing the full development of medical students. Launching these resources during Mental Health Awareness Month highlights our commitment to enhancing well-being, crucial for both academic and career success,” says Doug Hughes, CEO of OnlineMedEd. “We’re taking on the elephant in the room not just because it’s the right thing to do but because fostering a thriving, growing medical community is in all of our best interests.”

OnlineMedEd’s new mental health and wellness resources include:

  • Mental Health Support with Rula: Ensures students can easily connect with compatible mental health professionals, facilitating accessible, personalized care.
  • Mindfulness Sessions with Dr. Karson Kovakovich: Tailored sessions equip students with resilience and mental clarity techniques, addressing the unique stresses of medical training.
  • Financial Wellness with Hope Steele, MAcc: Offers crucial financial management skills, promoting financial health to support overall mental well-being.

Medical students will have access to the free resources via OnlineMedEd’s website. Read more: OnlineMedEd Flips the Script on Medical Education by Launching Resource Suite for Med Students

Adam Rooke, Chief Commercial Officer at OnlineMedEd, adds, “We consistently hear from our students about the intense pressures of medical school and their impact on personal well-being and career outlook. The positive feedback on our resources highlights their effectiveness in significantly reducing stress, demonstrating the power of our holistic approach. This is more than support; it’s a transformative shift in medical education that directly addresses and alleviates these pressures.”

One of these students, Joseph Ayim Zamora, MS3 at Trinity School of Medicine, stated, “Finally, I have found a community that truly supports me. Often, our passion for medicine is overshadowed by self-doubt, especially during times of isolation when we feel misunderstood and remain silent out of fear of seeming incapable. OnlineMedEd has been a lifeline in these moments. Beyond focusing on knowledge acquisition and educational performance, they have provided invaluable resources like Rula, a mental health support tool, making it easy for me to access care without the hassle of dealing with insurance loops. Additionally, their mindfulness sessions with Dr. Kovakovich help build confidence and mental clarity, whether preparing for an exam, starting a rotation, or simply needing a moment of peace. OnlineMedEd sees us as more than just USMLE IDs or NBME scores; they see us as humans who are just trying. There’s no better community I’d rather be a part of.”

Understanding clearly how it can best serve medical students—through high-quality, engaging lessons that sharpen clinical reasoning—OnlineMedEd is excited to broaden its support services. The company is dedicated to enhancing its offerings with more resources at minimal or no cost and anticipates announcing additional expansions to its suite of student support soon.

About OnlineMedEd

Used by over 300,000 learners in over 190 countries, OnlineMedEd’s learning framework is built on a vision to elevate medical education and produce better providers. Our framework delivers a comprehensive, longitudinal medical curriculum via a single unified voice. This differentiated approach enhances the delivery of medical information in a way that optimizes for mastery over memorization, leading to improved outcomes. 

Our curriculum is developed by a team of peer educators using a learner-centric design approach, leveraging different learning modalities for their optimal effect. It empowers faculty to focus on high-impact, active learning while also freeing students to spend their time using what they have learned in practice. For more information, please visit www.onlinemeded.com.

1 American Medical Association. “Medical Student Education: Debt, Costs, and Loan Repayment Fact Card.” July 2019. Available at: https://www.ama-assn.org/system/files/2019-07/a19-cme-6.pdf

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