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Modern Animal Unveils AI-Assisted Tools, Roadmap for Next Generation of Veterinary Care

With more than 23 million families adopting pets in the first year of the pandemic, a surge in pet health concerns combined with staffing shortages has driven veterinarian burnout rates to an all-time high. Already integrated across Modern Animal’s 20 clinic fleet in California and Texas, the first phase of features leverage Generative AI to begin addressing these issues by automating important, but tedious, administrative tasks that can consume nearly half of a doctor’s time each day.

The three specific functions enhanced by AI in this first feature release are:

  • Patient Overview: Quickly brings doctors up to speed before appointments by instantly synthesizing their patient’s entire medical history into one convenient snapshot.
  • Visit Summarization: Augments connection between care providers and pet owners by interpreting notes taken during an appointment into an auto-generated, client-friendly summary. This summary is reviewed by the doctor before being shared with their client in the Modern Animal app.
  • Interpretation and Summarization of Lab Work: Auto-generates a preliminary analysis of diagnostic results for review by the doctor, and instantly interprets approved findings into client-friendly summaries that are shared in the Modern Animal app.

To ensure alignment between AI’s capabilities, the needs of practitioners, and the integrity of Modern Animal’s rigorous medical standards, these features were incubated in a unique collaboration between the Company’s technology team and nearly 40 members of its clinical team. Clinicians who opted into this partnership beta-tested features, provided feedback, and were paired for “shadowing”: an immersive practice whereby members of the technology team accompany practitioners throughout their day, ask questions, and identify opportunities for innovation in real-time.

According to Dr. Christie Long, Chief Medical Officer at Modern Animal and outspoken advocate for technology’s application in veterinary medicine, the first set of features to emerge from this collaboration already have the potential to save doctors up to 2 hours per day. This time savings amounts to more manageable working hours, more collaborative and trusting relationships between veterinarians and pet owners, and begins to address catalysts for burnout that have become endemic within the veterinary profession.

“With AI streamlining tasks like records review, lab result interpretation and post-visit summary generation, our veterinarians can now dedicate more time to what truly matters: caring for pets and their families,” says Dr. Long. “This newfound efficiency enables veterinarians to deliver care they feel proud of while also enhancing clinic productivity and, most importantly, their own quality of life.”

With this initial rollout providing proof of AI’s capacity to reduce administrative burdens, Modern Animal has its sights set on developing a more comprehensive suite of features that support doctors in practicing great medicine. On Modern Animal’s blueprint for success in the next phase of development, the Company’s Founder and CEO, Steven Eidelman, states, “The early investment we made to build our technology platform from scratch has uniquely positioned us to rapidly iterate and learn about AI’s potential on our own terms. While so far we’ve used this advantage to augment our team’s administrative efficiency, we have started to envision a world where AI becomes a reliable collaborator that increases confidence in medical decisions for doctors at all levels. I look forward to the continued impact of this important work on our network of practitioners and beyond.”

To follow Modern Animal’s progress, visit blog.modernanimal.com or follow the Company on LinkedIn, where they will publicly share case studies, product demos, and practical advice for other members of the veterinary community looking to augment their practice with AI.

About Modern Animal:
Modern Animal is a pioneering veterinary medicine company dedicated to redefining pet care. With a mission to revolutionize the veterinary experience for people and pets, Modern Animal offers cutting-edge technology, personalized care and unparalleled service. For more information, visit modernanimal.com.

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/modern-animal-unveils-ai-assisted-tools-roadmap-for-next-generation-of-veterinary-care-302153167.html
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