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Kent Graziano to present on the implementation of DV 2.0 under the radar at WWDVC 2024 using A Virtual Hybrid Solution

WWDVC 2024 Themes In List Format

WWDVC 2024 Themes

Morning Qi Gong at WWDVC before the sessions

Morning Qi Gong at WWDVC before the sessions

Save the Date for WWDVC 2024 - April 28-May 3

Save the Date for WWDVC 2024

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Thought Leader Kent Graziano to present how to use the Data Vault 2.0 in secret to your advantage via a hybrid virtual architecture

As data becomes too big to move there are two things that will grow – real-time absorption to reduce the size of data movement but with increased frequency; and virtualization to reduce data movement”

— Sanjay Pande

STOWE, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — At the forthcoming World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) 2024, Kent Graziano will present a compelling session on the strategic implementation of Data Vault 2.0 under the radar.

Scheduled for May 2nd, from 8:00 to 8:55 AM in the Pinnacle Room, this session will reveal how a leading oncology network’s data team discreetly developed and applied a hybrid virtualized solution that integrates Data Vault 2.0 concepts without the wider organization’s initial awareness. By using standard Hub and Link structures along with innovative Key Map tables, they created a robust framework that gave them a competitive edge in data management. This presentation will detail the architecture, process adjustments, and strategic benefits of deploying Data Vault 2.0 secretly, providing valuable insights for professionals looking to leverage similar advantages in their operations.

In this in-depth session, attendees will gain firsthand knowledge of how to navigate and implement hybrid virtual Data Vault architectures effectively.

“Dan Linstedt, the inventor of the Data Vault and DV 2.0 has already presented sessions on Advanced Virtual Data Vault and other Virtualization options within the Data Vault System of Analytics at prior WWDVC conferences. This is going to be an exciting event with Dan again talking about it in more detail and Kent’s session will add to this.”, said a DVA spokesperson.

Kent Graziano will discuss the challenges faced by the oncology network in adopting a pure Data Vault 2.0 model and the subsequent evolution to a hybrid approach that includes persistent stage tables and a unique Key Map table. This approach not only addresses the practical limitations of traditional methods but also enhances data integration and accessibility without requiring extensive changes to existing systems.
Participants will learn:

– The practical steps for implementing a hybrid virtual Data Vault, from the initial concept to operational execution.
– Techniques for using MD5 hash keys to simplify data handling and improve performance without relying on traditional joins.
– Strategies for resolving business keys later in the process to better align with business operations and data governance.
– Insights into managing and overcoming political and technical challenges that arise during secretive project implementations.

This session is designed to provide data architects, engineers, and managers with the tools and knowledge to leverage Data Vault concepts in ways that are both innovative and strategically advantageous, allowing for more flexible, scalable, and efficient data solutions.

Kent Graziano, known as ‘The Data Warrior,’ is an internationally recognized thought leader in the field of data architecture. With decades of experience in data warehousing and analytics, Kent has become a revered figure for his deep expertise and dynamic presentation style. He holds the prestigious titles of Data Vault Master and Knight of the Oaktable and is an Oracle ACE Director – Alumni.

Kent’s career is distinguished not only by his professional achievements but also by his passionate advocacy for the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. As a semi-retired Snowflake Data Cloud and Data Vault evangelist, he has been instrumental in advancing the adoption of these technologies across various industries.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Kent is a Grandmaster of Tae Kwon Do, an avid kayaker, and an enthusiastic food photographer. He actively volunteers at his local food bank and enjoys spending his downtime in nature, often found kayaking or seeking the next perfect wave on the beaches. His holistic approach to life and work resonates deeply within the data community, inspiring many to pursue both personal and professional excellence.
Attendees of WWDVC 2024 can expect not only to learn from Kent’s vast knowledge but also to be inspired by his dedication to both his craft and his personal pursuits.

“Every time Kent attends the WWDVC, he also runs a Qi Gung group for interested people at certain times of the event keeping the energy high. I’ve always enjoyed being a part of that whenever he does it. I’m sure he’ll run some sessions this year too.”, continued the spokesperson.

The World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) is the premier event for professionals in the Data Warehousing and Analytics space, specifically focusing on the Data Vault 2.0 methodology.

Since its inception in 2012, the WWDVC has grown into an essential gathering for industry leaders to share knowledge, discuss innovations, and foster collaborations. The annual conference, held in picturesque Stowe, Vermont, is renowned for its intimate setting and familial atmosphere, which encourages networking and personal interactions among attendees.

In the past this event has included several thought leaders in the data and analytics space such as Chris Date, Kent Graziano, Dan Linstedt, Peter Aiken, Claudia Imhoff, Wayne Eckerson, Heli Helskyaho, Eric Kavanagh, Tamara Dull, and more.

WWDVC 2024 promises to be an exceptional edition, marking the 10th anniversary of this unique event. It continues to offer a singular track format that ensures attendees can participate in every session without missing a beat. From technical deep dives to strategic discussions and hands-on labs, the conference covers a wide range of topics relevant to today’s data challenges.

Notable past speakers who are slated to attend this year again include industry giants like Bill Inmon and C.J. Date, who along with Kent Graziano and Scott Ambler, have paved the way in data management and analytics.

The event is not just a conference; it’s a comprehensive experience that combines learning with leisure, allowing attendees to absorb cutting-edge knowledge while enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of Vermont.

Some of the key themes and topics covered in the conference program include:

– Data Fabric and Innovating at the Semantic Layer: Explore the latest trends and advancements in data fabric technology and learn how innovations at the semantic layer are revolutionizing data management practices.

– Data Vault and Data Mesh: Delve into the concepts of Data Vault and Data Mesh, gaining a deeper understanding of their applications and potential synergies for modern data architectures.

– Generative AI and Its Potential: Discover the transformative power of generative AI and its implications for dynamic data warehousing, taxonomy discovery, and AI-driven business metrics.

– Business Track: Gain insights into data quality, digital transformation leadership, and the role of catalogs, glossaries, taxonomies, and ontologies in driving organizational success.

In addition to the informative sessions, attendees can look forward to engaging hands-on sessions, interactive discussions, and networking events that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among peers. 

“This time there are also two unmissable featured add-on sessions before and after the conference by industry stalwarts Chris Date and Scott Ambler, and they’re priced less than half of their retail value exclusively for conference attendees”, mentioned the spokesperson.

Featured Add-Ons:
As part of the enriching experience at the 10th Annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) in Stowe, Vermont, attendees have exclusive access to additional opportunities to deepen their knowledge and skills. This year, Data Vault Automation (DVA) proudly presents two featured add-on events, providing a unique chance for participants to maximize their stay.

1. Pre-Conference Event – Agile Data Warehousing: A Disciplined Hybrid Method Workshop with Scott Ambler
– An interactive workshop delving into a proven approach to building and evolving Data Warehousing solutions.
– Breakfast, lunch, and coffee included.

2. Post-Conference Event – Time and Relational Theory: A Closer Look with Chris Date
– Explore temporal data in the relational model and SQL.
– Breakfast, coffee, and a boxed lunch included.

“These featured add-ons offer a deeper dive into Agile Data Warehousing and Time and Relational Theory, further enhancing the value of your conference experience.”, added the DVA spokesperson.

To check if seats are still available to these add-on sessions visit https://wwdvc.com/featured-add-ons/

The 10th Annual WWDVC presents a distinctive chance for both experienced data professionals and newcomers to broaden their perspectives and engage with like-minded data enthusiasts worldwide.

Participants are invited to seize the opportunity to be part of this landmark event in the world of data management and analytics by registering for WWDVC 2024. Early registration not only secures a spot but also offers significant advantages, such as priority registration for hands-on labs and direct interactions with key speakers including Kent Graziano.

Attendees are encouraged to prepare for a conference that will inspire, challenge, and equip them with the tools needed to elevate their data strategies to new heights. WWDVC 2024 eagerly awaits the participation of professionals from across the industry.

Being extremely close to the event, it is recommended that interested professionals visit and register as soon as possible at https://wwdvc.com/

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