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Immorta Bio Files Patent on Reversing Cellular Aging by Creation of Personalized Regenerative Cells

Company Starts Building its IP Portfolio around its Proprietary Stem Cell Platforms Aimed at Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Immorta Bio Inc. announced today the filing of patent application #63/591063 entitled “Personalized Regenerative Cells”. The intellectual property discloses proprietary technologies for “turning back the clock” on cellular aging, thereby allowing efficient generation of patient-specific stem cells that can be expanded perpetually outside of the body.

Using a combination of cellular and molecular biological techniques, the patent discloses how to efficiently restore adult cells to a stem cell state in which they can generate any cell of the body. Additionally, the “reprogramming” of adult cells allows for their perpetual multiplication in the laboratory, facilitated, in part, by restoration of telomerase activity which permits cellular multiplication without development of senescence.

“One of the biggest drawbacks of current stem cell therapies is the limited number of autologous cells that are available for treatment.” Said Dr. Thomas Ichim, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Immorta Bio. “The patent filed today teaches efficient generation of unlimited autologous stem cells. This would conceptually provide the possibility of both body-wide regeneration, as well as organ-specific repair.”

Currently, stem cell therapy is only FDA approved for treatment of certain blood disorders in the form of bone marrow transplant. The Company seeks to develop a platform for multiple organ rejuvenation that would provide the possibility of the patient significant healthy life extension.

“Using the patient’s own body to heal itself has been a concept since the dawn of medicine.” Said Dr. Boris Reznik, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Immorta Bio. “Historically, this possibility has been limited by using aged, diseased, or otherwise limited quality of stem cells from the same patient. Our quest to achieve a significant increase in patients’ longevity is aided by the ability to create efficient and practical approaches to generating potent personalized stem cells that appear to be reversed in age and capable of unlimited growth.”

About Immorta Bio:

Immorta Bio is a biotechnology company developing efficient and practical personalized stem cell platforms aimed at Treating Diseases of Aging and Treating Aging as Disease. Our objective is to rejuvenate the old and damaged organs to the healthy state, achieving, what we call, Stem Cell Revivify. By solving the problem of diseases of aging, we can potentially dramatically increase our patients’ longevity.

Dr. Boris Reznik
Immorta Bio
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/675867402/immorta-bio-files-patent-on-reversing-cellular-aging-by-creation-of-personalized-regenerative-cells

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