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Flagler Healthcare Investments Repositions As SPHERE

“Strategic Public Health Equities and Real Estate” pioneers a new mission to revolutionize public health investments

MIAMI, Feb. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Public health faces immense opportunities and challenges to advance the health and wellbeing of global populations, and strategic measures are necessary to shape its future. In response to this, Flagler Healthcare Investments announced today that it will reposition as SPHERE (Strategic Public Health Equities and Real Estate), broadening its mission beyond traditional healthcare infrastructure to address the greater built environment that contributes to the betterment of public health.

SPHERE’s business model will encompass a dual objective of expanding its real estate investments and engaging in strategic equity participation in companies, operations and technologies – all with the collective goal of fostering healthy, sustainable, and thriving communities. Under the leadership of Founding Partner, President, and CEO Didier Choukroun, SPHERE is rooted in the legacy of Flagler Healthcare Investments, which he established in 2010. Flagler grew into a prominent healthcare real estate leader, with medical office buildings, outpatient surgery centers, and specialized and long-term acute care hospitals in 15 U.S. states. With a portfolio valuation of more than $1 billion, Flagler’s assets will transition under SPHERE.

SPHERE’s real estate footprint will now widen to encompass inpatient and outpatient centers, senior living facilities, care and recovery hotels, workforce and student housing, educational facilities, research and innovation labs, and community health and sustainability assets. These diverse investments underscore the company’s commitment to the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and its ancillary services. Extending from real estate, SPHERE’s capital infusion in equity participation will focus on key sectors such as food and agriculture, transportation, environmental sustainability, healthcare and life sciences.

“I am proud of our track record, which provides a strong foundation for our broader, holistic approach with SPHERE,” said Choukroun. “This natural pivot is a strategic move to deepen our impact on public health, serving as a vanguard of a larger movement where health-focused real estate and private equity are no longer just about building and returns.”

Led by physicians, public health experts, data scientists, and seasoned real estate professionals, SPHERE’s expansion reflects a deep understanding of how social determinants fundamentally shape health outcomes. SPHERE will combine this knowledge with its data-driven methodology, utilizing the company’s unparalleled, proprietary healthcare business intelligence platform that identifies early-stage trends and new growth opportunities, as well as anticipates complex market dynamics to solve for returns.

The inception of SPHERE comes at a time when the growing and aging population, medical advancements, and a notable shift toward wellness and preventive lifestyles play a critical role in the economic and societal impact of healthcare. By forging domestic and international partnerships, SPHERE is set to create a true global ecosystem that impacts infrastructure, identifies health disparities and underserved areas, and positively influences health challenges at every level. 

Headquartered in Miami with a European presence, SPHERE (Strategic Public Health Equities and Real Estate) is a pioneering force at the intersection of public health equities and real estate investment. With a mission to improve global public health, SPHERE represents an evolutionary approach that goes beyond traditional healthcare infrastructure, reimagining the built environment to improve the wellbeing of communities. Capitalizing on proprietary data analytics and a diverse team of professionals, SPHERE is uniquely positioned to drive innovative solutions and create spaces that not only treat illness but promote holistic health and prevent disease. For more information, visit www.sphereinvestments.com.

SOURCE SPHERE (Strategic Public Health Equities and Real Estate)

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/flagler-healthcare-investments-repositions-as-sphere-302058813.html
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