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Electronic Music Group–Hyperion V–Take Off with Debut Album ACCRETION DISC, Out Now on Spotted Peccary Music

A gripping interstellar sonic journey is what’s in store for those who listen to Accretion Disc, the debut album of Hyperion V.

retro comic book style graphic of people peering out of spaceship into a space scape.

Mission is a go! Hyperion V takes off with new release: Accretion Disc.

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Spotted Peccary Music is a Portland, OR-based indie label; it was recently named Best Independent Record Label at the 2023 Hollywood Independent Music Awards.

Spotted Peccary artists Ben Cox and Thomas Park (aka Mystified) join forces with the artist Plexus to form Hyperion V, a new group on Spotted Peccary Music.

A nod from the classic days of electronica, bringing vintage chill melodies into the present with generative features, glitchy sounds, and state-of-the-art composition and mastering techniques.”

— Thomas Park

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, August 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — All systems go for Accretion Disc. Veteran Spotted Peccary artists Ben Cox and Thomas Park (aka Mystified) have joined forces with new artist Plexus, creating an electronic music collaboration named Hyperion V. Employing a variety of electronic sound sources while utilizing a process of generative composition, Hyperion V unlock the imagination through sonic manipulation and propel us into undiscovered territory. The new group recently signed with Spotted Peccary Music, which released the new album worldwide today, and will launch a music video in the coming days. Streaming and downloads are available now: https://orcd.co/accretion-disc

Thematically, Accretion Disc examines the human need to explore the unknown, our immortal obsession with the many mysteries waiting in the night sky. In this work, Hyperion V (pronounced “five”) recall the cosmic yearning of bygone eras touched on by Vangelis, Brian Eno, Holger Czukay and the darkly human introspection of Massive Attack, launching their investigation through twelve conjoined tracks. A vintage-style booklet was rendered to enhance the listening journey, available on the group’s official website as a free download: https://hyperionv.com/SPM-9105-Hyperion%20V-Accretion%20Disc-Digital-Booklet.pdf

The opening track “Astasis” struts along a modular groove punctuated by robotic vocal samples, drum and bass like a rocket propelling the listener through the infinite. Contrarily, “Surface Gravity” evokes the eerie serenity of sunlight on an alien tundra, as chimes glisten and shimmer over a stuttering trip hop beat. The propulsive “Baryogenesis” opens with an odd-time bassline before terse, marching drums and interstellar synth chords make a contrapuntal rhythm. Submerged vocal samples warble in the distant depths, muted across immeasurable vastness. The mesmerizing “Graviton” screeches and bends like an electric guitar’s snarl before exploding into an ecstatic trance beat.

“Accretion Disc takes a nod from the classic days of electronica,” suggests Park, “bringing vintage chill melodies into the present with generative features, glitchy sounds, and state-of-the-art composition and mastering techniques. Bill Laswell and Eno/Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts works come to mind.”

Continuing the thought, Cox adds, “This one is hard to categorize. I’d call this ‘controlled chaos with groove’ if I had to boil it down. I agree with Thomas’ Byrne/Eno comparison, but maybe with some Orb and KLF mixed in, and a sprinkle of The Art Of Noise on the top.”

As if written in the stars, Accretion Disc is destined to be a popular and lively addition to ambient, electronic, and chillout radio programs and playlists. This unique and gripping interstellar journey moves fluidly between atmospheric soundscapes and propulsive grooves, traversing the space-time continuum, while alluding to the staggering emptiness of space. Fortunately, listeners may now enjoy the adventurous thrill of daring to cross it from the safety of their deep listening spaces.

Spotted Peccary Music will live stream Accretion Disc throughout the day today on its 24/7/365 streaming channel SPMLive.

Ben Cox’s earlier releases on Spotted Peccary Music include Consciousness, and other tricks of the light (SPM 4501), and On Water (LSM03). Releases by Mystified on Spotted Peccary Music include Yenisei Crossing (SPM 3402), Morning City (SPM 3401), Evolution (SPM 2302), Emergence (SPM 2301), and Epoch (LSM23).

Mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary PNW Studios, Accretion Disc is available for streaming and downloading, including high resolution studio master formats. The project’s images were created by Jourdan Laik, while the layout and other paintings were designed by Daniel Pipitone, Spotted Peccary Studios NE.

For artist interviews, review copies, or promotional requests, please contact Beth Ann Hilton at beth(at)spottedpeccary(dot)com


1 Astasis (4:26)

2 Surface Gravity (4:06)

3 Lagrangian Point (4:08)

4 Spectroscopic Binary (4:37)

5 Baryogenesis (5:49)

6 Deep Sky Object (4:44)

7 Oumuamua (4:23)

8 Synchronous Orbit (5:02)

9 Protoplanet (4:38)

10 Graviton (3:15)

11 Flare Star (5:24)

12 Coronal Mass Ejection (6:32)


Music Smartlink: https://orcd.co/accretion-disc

Spotted Peccary Album Page: https://spottedpeccary.com/shop/accretion-disc/

Hyperion V Official Website: https://hyperionv.com

Hyperion V Social Media: https://electronicmusic.social/@HyperionV/110831869390852975

Bandcamp: https://hyperion-v.bandcamp.com/album/accretion-disc

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spottedpeccary/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spottedpeccary

About Hyperion V:

Envisioning a futuristic science fiction soundworld, veteran Spotted Peccary artists Ben Cox and Thomas Park (aka Mystified) joined forces with new artist Plexus creating a collaboration aptly named Hyperion V. Borrowing on vaguely familiar musical tonalities and rhythms, the visionary artists set about creating a rhythmic and melodic immersion of another timeframe yet to be discovered. Employing a variety of electronic sound sources while utilizing a process of generative composition they unlock our imagination through sonic manipulation and propel us into this undiscovered territory. https://spottedpeccary.com/artists/hyperion-v/

About Spotted Peccary Music:

Portland-based Spotted Peccary Music is North America’s finest independent record label with a focus on deep, vast and introspective soundscapes. For over three decades, the artists of Spotted Peccary have been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra-high-quality, deep-listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. Every release is carefully prepared in a variety of high-quality formats from MP3 to high-res studio masters. In 2023, they were named Best Independent Record Label by the HIMAwards. Explore more than 200 titles and 50 artists released over 38 years of excellence at www.SpottedPeccary.com.

Beth Hilton
Spotted Peccary Music
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Ready for blastoff!

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