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Dr. Yugal Karkhur discusses AVN Hip Treatment Options in Gurgaon

Dr. Yugal Karkhur discusses AVN Hip Treatment Options in Gurgaon

Dr Yugal Karkhur – specialist in AVN Hip Treatment

YKOrthopaedics - Dr Yugal Karkhur

YKOrthopaedics – Dr Yugal Karkhur

Dr Yugal provides insights into comprehensive Care for AVN of the Hip: A Blend of Science, Experience, and Personalised Care

AVN can affect various bones, but the hip is one of the most common sites for this debilitating condition.”

— Dr Yugal Karkhur

GURUGRAM, HARYANA, INDIA, April 21, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Avascular Necrosis (AVN) of the hip, while not widely recognised among the general population in India, poses significant challenges to those affected. The condition, which involves the loss of hip joint tissue due to insufficient blood supply, can lead to severe pain and limited mobility. Despite its impact, awareness remains low, and understanding the scientific basis and treatment options is crucial. Dr. Yugal Karkhur, with his extensive experience in Orthopaedics and specialisation in AVN hip treatment, aims to bridge this gap by offering advanced diagnostic and treatment services in Gurgaon. His approach combines the latest scientific research with practical treatment solutions to effectively manage and mitigate AVN’s effects.

Specificity of AVN Hip:

AVN can affect various bones, but the hip is one of the most common sites for this debilitating condition. When compromised by AVN, the hip joint is crucial for weight-bearing and mobility but can severely restrict daily activities and diminish the quality of life. Understanding the specifics of AVN in the hip is vital for effective treatment. Dr Yugal recommends that Narayana Hospital in Gurgaon is equipped with the latest technology to treat this disease in any stage. The focus is on tailoring therapy to individual needs, ensuring that each patient receives the most appropriate care based on the severity and stage of their condition.

Dr Yugal Karkhur as Specialist in AVN Hip Treatment

Dr. Yugal Karkhur, a seasoned Orthopaedic surgeon and an AVN specialist, has dedicated much of his career to studying and treating joint conditions, particularly AVN of the hip. He specialises in both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for AVN, providing patients with a range of therapies tailored to their specific conditions. Dr. Yugal’s treatment plans are grounded in a deep understanding of Orthopaedic science and his hands-on experience managing complex hip conditions. This comprehensive approach ensures that all patients receive care that is both cutting-edge and highly personalised.

Need for AVN Hip Surgery

The decision to proceed with AVN hip surgery is considered carefully based on a thorough evaluation of the patient’s condition. Surgery is typically advised when non-surgical treatments have been exhausted, and the affected bone’s condition has deteriorated significantly. Dr. Yugal’s criteria for surgery include:

• The stage of AVN progression

• The patient’s overall health and lifestyle

• The anticipated outcomes and improvements in quality of life

• The technical feasibility and potential risks associated with the surgical procedure

Before Surgery and Preparing:

Preparing for AVN hip surgery under Dr. Yugal’s guidance involves several critical steps:

• Comprehensive medical evaluation to ensure patient safety and readiness for surgery

• Extensive investigations to confirm the stage of the disease

• Detailed discussions about the surgical procedure, expected outcomes, and potential risks

• Personalised advice on pre-surgical preparations, including nutritional and physical guidelines

• Educating patients about the best implants available for surgical treatment

Key preparations include:

• Ensuring optimal overall health to support recovery

• Arranging for post-operative care and support

• Setting realistic expectations for recovery timelines and outcomes

• Adhering to pre-surgical instructions meticulously

After Surgery:

Post-operative care is crucial to the success of AVN hip surgery. Dr. Yugal and his team provide extensive support throughout the recovery process, which includes:

• Regular follow-up appointments to monitor healing and manage any complications

• A customised rehabilitation program designed to restore mobility and strengthen the hip

• Guidance on activity modification and lifestyle adjustments to facilitate healing

• Pain management strategies to ensure comfort during recovery

Critical aspects of post-operative care:

• Close monitoring of the surgical site for signs of infection or complications

• Gradual re-introduction of weight-bearing activities as per recovery progress

• Continuous assessment and adjustment of rehabilitation activities

• Support for emotional and psychological aspects of post-surgical recovery

About Dr. Yugal Karkhur:

Dr. Yugal Karkhur’s credentials as an orthopaedic surgeon are distinguished not only by his clinical expertise but also by his academic contributions and commitment to advancing orthopaedic care. After obtaining his MS in Orthopaedics from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, he served at prominent Delhi hospitals, managing a wide array of complex trauma and joint conditions. His specialised training includes fellowships in hip and knee replacement surgeries from the Missouri Orthopaedic Institute, USA, and expertise in arthroscopic surgeries from the Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. As a Senior Consultant In charge of Hip Surgeries at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram, and Managing head at Orthocure Clinics Pvt Ltd, Dr Yugal continues to innovate in orthopaedic surgical care, focusing on technology-driven solutions to enhance patient outcomes. He has published over 17 research papers in international and national peer-reviewed journals. He has been recognised with reputed awards, such as the Young Ambassador Award by the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association, Melbourne. His approach combines rigorous scientific research with a compassionate treatment philosophy, making him a respected orthopaedic figure.

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YKOrthopaedics: Tackling AVN of the Hip with Expert Guidance from Dr. Yugal Karkhur

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