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CIFER.AI Breaks New Ground as World’s First AI-Focused Blockchain: Unveiling the Testnet Blockchain Network

Miranda CEO and Dr.Krikamol CRO

CIFER.AI launches its trailblazing Testnet Blockchain, a first in AI-focused blockchain tech, advancing decentralized AI with a novel learning mechanism.

Combining blockchain with Collective Learning, CIFER.AI pioneers in Decentralized Intelligence for Ethical AI, championing privacy, security, and robust incentive mechanisms for AI development.”

— Miranda Son, CEO & Founder, CIFER.AI

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, November 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — CIFER.AI Breaks New Ground as World’s First AI-Focused Blockchain: Unveiling the Testnet Blockchain Network

Setting a precedent in the global technological landscape, CIFER.AI is proud to announce its pioneering achievement as the first AI-focused blockchain initiative. Today marks a significant milestone with the launch of the Testnet CIFER.AI Blockchain Network, a leap beyond traditional approaches. The network is fortified with a unique Byzantine-Robust Federated Learning mechanism, raising the bar for decentralized AI.

Comprising a stellar team of seasoned entrepreneurs and eminent venture capitalists from the USA and Germany, CIFER.AI represents an innovative blend of talent and vision in the tech world.

The journey of CIFER.AI began in 2017 when Miranda Son and Dr. Krikamol Muandet co-ventured an AI startup “AVA” focusing on AI for investment. Following their successful exits from the company with notable achievements, both Miranda and Dr. Krikamol maintained their passion for Ethical AI. They have been deeply involved in research in this area ever since, paving the way for the inception of CIFER.AI.

“As we unveil the CIFER.AI Testnet Blockchain, we’re not only introducing a world-first in AI-focused blockchain but also addressing crucial challenges in AI development,” says Miranda Son, CEO & Founder of CIFER.AI. “President Biden’s Executive Order underscores the need for AI systems that prioritize safety, equity, and privacy. At CIFER.AI, we’re committed to these principles, ensuring our AI development aligns with the highest ethical standards.”

Miranda further highlights the platform’s relevance in the face of GDPR constraints, “In an environment where data privacy is paramount, traditional AI models face limitations, particularly with the GDPR’s stringent data exchange regulations between the US and EU. CIFER.AI’s blockchain network offers a groundbreaking solution that enhances AI capabilities without compromising GDPR compliance.”

Miranda also emphasizes CIFER.AI’s support for AI startups and data owners, “Our platform is more than a technological innovation; it’s a catalyst for AI startups, enabling them to train models while preserving user privacy. Moreover, we empower data owners with an innovative incentive structure, allowing them to participate securely and profitably in AI development.”

While Miranda has moved on from operational roles in other startups, her track record of growth and success now focuses solely on CIFER.AI’s mission and shaping the investment landscape as a Managing Partner with V Ventures.

CRO & Founder Dr. Krikamol Muandet, renowned for his extensive research in Machine Learning, serves as the platform’s technological cornerstone. He ensures CIFER.AI remains at the frontier of ethical AI. On the launch, Dr. Muandet stated, “Decentralized collective learning is widely acknowledged as the future of machine learning, poised to unleash the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. While the prospect is undeniably exciting, the transition into practical technology is far from straightforward, as it presents a multitude of pressing challenges that deeply concern society. These challenges encompass issues related to privacy, security, equity, and proprietary rights. Through the strategic integration of AI and blockchain technologies, guided by a rigorous research-first approach, CIFER.AI will help us realize this ambitious objective with the highest levels of accountability and responsibility.”

As CIFER.AI heralds a new chapter in decentralized AI development, the network emphasizes the importance of transparent, inclusive, and ethical practices in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. A key element of this initiative is CIFER.AI’s native token, $CIF Cryptocurrency, poised to serve a pivotal role as a utility within the ecosystem. Demonstrating a commitment to community engagement, CIFER.AI has announced forthcoming community programs, including an airdrop of the $CIF token. This Testnet launch transcends traditional technological advancement—it represents a statement of purpose, inviting AI developers and data contributors from across the globe to be part of a movement dedicated to forging a more equitable and ethical digital future. To stay abreast of developments and news, follow updates and announcements on X (https://www.x.com/cifer_ai). For a comprehensive overview and to delve deeper into this transformative journey, visit https://www.cifer.ai |

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/669194484/cifer-ai-breaks-new-ground-as-world-s-first-ai-focused-blockchain-unveiling-the-testnet-blockchain-network

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