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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Rolls Out Nabla Copilot After Successful Pilot Program

  • After a successful pilot program with 30 pediatric specialists, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is rolling out Nabla’ ambient AI assistant to its specialists
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Medical Group is the largest pediatric multi-specialty medical group in the United States

BOSTON, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nabla, the company developing Nabla Copilot, the leading ambient AI assistant for clinicians, today announced it has partnered with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to roll out Nabla Copilot to their pediatric specialists after a successful four-week pilot program. Nabla closely collaborated with CHLA’s clinical team to tailor specific capabilities, ensuring that Copilot effectively met the unique requirements of pediatrics in a hospital setting. The top-ranked children’s hospital in California, CHLA performs more than 15,000 surgeries and conducts more than 700,000 patient visits annually.

In a recent survey of physicians’ mental health and well-being, pediatrics was the fourth-highest medical specialty experiencing burnout. A nationwide shortage of pediatric specialists has been fueling the high burnout rates, and onerous administrative workloads have exacerbated the situation. It’s estimated that every hour spent with patients requires two hours of administrative work, often demanding pediatricians’ time and attention outside standard clinical hours. High burnout rates can lead to severe consequences, including reduced job satisfaction and an increased likelihood of leaving the profession.

Nabla worked together with CHLA to accommodate their physician preferences and meet their patient population requirements:

  • Customized templates – Nabla built a template for CHLA’s specific needs as a pediatric hospital. Nabla adapted their note templates specifically for CHLA’s pediatric setting. Notes for example better reflect if some facts were reported by the patient or their parents, and clearly mention if the patient was accompanied during the encounter and by whom. In addition, CHLA practitioners have the ability to tailor their note templates to their exact needs, thanks to Nabla Copilot’s custom instructions feature.
  • Multi-speaker – Nabla will make it possible for Copilot to capture multiple people’s voices in the exam room, including the parent or guardian speaking on behalf of a child patient.
  • Patient instructions – after each encounter, Nabla Copilot automatically generates patient instructions in addition to the clinical note so that the patient and their family can have a summary of their next steps. In order to better support CHLA’s context, practitioners can now choose between having these patient instructions addressed to the patient’s parent or directly to the patient.
  • Spanish language – to support CHLA’s Spanish-speaking patients and parents, Nabla Copilot supports both English and Spanish languages. Physicians simply select “Spanish” before the consultation begins, and Nabla Copilot will understand the encounter, generate detailed clinical notes in English, and create patient instructions in Spanish so that the family is able to take home a summary in their preferred language.
  • Ambient dot phrase – to reduce additional administrative work, Nabla introduced an ambient dot phrase feature. Pediatric specialists can voice their custom trigger expression (ie: “nine-month physical exam is normal”) to automatically insert predefined content into a patient note.
  • EHR integration – in line with its agnostic approach to EHR integrations, Nabla is developing an integration with CHLA’s EHR system, Cerner.

Like many healthcare providers, CHLA has rigorous policies in place to safeguard the privacy and security of its patients. The health system selected Nabla Copilot due to its high levels of confidentiality and rigorous compliance with privacy regulations. Nabla Copilot is a certified SOC 2 ambient AI assistant, where all transcripts and summaries are stored locally on the physician’s computer. Nabla does not store any customer data.

“Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is committed to fostering a culture of innovation in service of both our patients and team members,” said Dr. Matthew Keefer, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “We are thrilled to be rolling out this new application across our organization that will not only improve the patient-family experience but also serve as a time-saving tool for our clinicians so that they can more efficiently operate at the top of their license.”

“The success of the pilot program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is not only about the metrics we achieved but also the positive impact the Nabla Copilot has had on physicians’ lives,” said Dr. Ed Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Nabla. “We look forward to rolling out Nabla Copilot at CHLA so more pediatricians can experience the power of our generative AI and to promote the delivery of patient-centered care.”

To learn more about Nabla Copilot, visit www.nabla.com/.

About Nabla
Nabla is the developer of Nabla Copilot, an ambient AI that helps clinicians enjoy care again. Nabla Copilot produces AI-generated clinical notes in seconds from any encounter across all specialties, reducing practitioners’ stress and improving patient care. Nabla Copilot’s capabilities also include AI-enabled medical coding identification and smooth EHR integrations.

The company’s leadership includes: Alex Lebrun (CEO), with over two decades of experience building AI products, and whose companies have been acquired by Nuance (VirtuOz) and Facebook (Wit.ai); Delphine Groll (COO) and Martin Raison (CTO). Ed Lee, MD, MPH, who was previously CIO at The Permanente Federation, recently joined Nabla as Chief Medical Officer. He heads Nabla’s Clinical Advisory Board, formed by 20+ seasoned clinical leaders.

On the technological side, the company’s advisors include Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta, and Tony Fadell, inventor of the iPod and former Apple executive, among others.

Nabla has raised a total of $43M, its most recent fundraising being a $24M series B led by global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation.

 For more information, please visit: www.nabla.com.

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/childrens-hospital-los-angeles-rolls-out-nabla-copilot-after-successful-pilot-program-302088568.html
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