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CareerPrepped Celebrates Milestone with Striking Achievements to Advance Skills Recognition and Skills-Based Hiring

CareerPrepped celebrates significant achievements and momentum in advancing skills-based education and hiring following its general availability launch.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Powered by MaxKnowledge, CareerPrepped, the all-in-one career success platform and virtual community connecting students, educators, and employers, proudly marks a year since its general availability launch with significant achievements that advance skills-based hiring for today’s skills-centric economy.

CareerPrepped has surged, accumulating an impressive inventory of over 87,000 skills cataloged by a burgeoning community of skilled talent. The platform has made strides in building a robust, sustainable talent pipeline by cultivating partnerships with national and state-level educational bodies from the career and technical education (CTE) sector.

In today’s skills-based economy, where employers prioritize competencies over traditional qualifications, CareerPrepped stands as an agent of transformation during a fundamental economic shift. Dr. Amir Moghadam, CEO of MaxKnowledge, affirmed CareerPrepped’s mission, saying, “Our goal is to illuminate skills, empowering every individual to unlock opportunities regardless of their background and enabling employers to hire based on skills, irrespective of their origins.”

CareerPrepped offers a unique toolkit to help students make their skills visible and verifiable; it is coupled with a system that employs AI to automatically match students to live jobs that fit their skills. CareerPrepped’s core mission is to empower students and job seekers, enabling them to prove their skills with tangible real-world evidence they can showcase to prospective employers. By transparently showcasing proof of applied skills, the platform not only facilitates true skills-based hiring but also addresses a substantial gap in education.

Rather than using conventional academic metrics such as grades, GPAs, credit hours, and course completions, CareerPrepped enables institutions to catalog their students’ skills and track their skill attainment. This shift helps schools connect students’ academic experiences with the skills they’ve practiced. Additionally, it ensures students have an inventory of their skills upon completing their academic programs in addition to traditional transcripts, which do not contain skills data.

Moreover, in response to the escalating demand for elusive soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication, CareerPrepped places significant emphasis on developing and showcasing these crucial but often hidden skills. Notably, from approximately 60,000 survey responses, an impressive 89% strongly agreed or agreed that CareerPrepped’s Skill Builders played a pivotal role in enhancing their soft skills. This validates the platform’s substantial influence in helping individuals develop and demonstrate these critical skills.

As CareerPrepped marks the first anniversary since its general availability launch, it reaffirms its commitment to reimagining skills recognition and fostering a landscape where everyone’s skills are valued and translated into opportunities. Megan Sudak, program manager at a CTE school, highlighted the platform’s impact, saying, “CareerPrepped empowers our students to demonstrate all their skills with authentic evidence, supporting lifelong learning and aiding employers in hiring based on verifiable skills. It’s fantastic!” This echoes CareerPrepped’s vision of going beyond a career platform; it’s a gateway empowering individuals to recognize their value in the job market while aiding employers in making effective, equitable, skills-based hiring decisions.

About CareerPrepped

CareerPrepped is a virtual platform connecting talent, talent developers and employers to enable skills-based hiring at scale. CareerPrepped helps people demonstrate their skills and continually prepare for career success. It helps educators track learners’ skill acquisition and enables employers to hire based on verifiable skills. Learn more: https://www.careerprepped.com.

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