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BPM announces strategic alliance with X-Analytics to arm boards with enhanced data-driven solutions mitigating cyber risk

SAN FRANCISCO, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BPM LLP, one of the 35 largest public accounting and advisory firms in the country, proudly announces a strategic alliance with Secure Systems Innovation Corporation, the innovators behind X-Analytics, the leading cyber risk management application that simplifies the technical complexity of cybersecurity to enable successful business outcomes. Leveraging the power of X-Analytics, BPM will help advise boards of directors and executive leadership with data-driven intelligence to make informed risk acceptance, mitigation and transference decisions.

The partnership combines BPM’s specialized knowledge of financial operations, risk management and strategic consulting with X-Analytics’ advanced data analytics capabilities. By joining forces, the two companies aim to arm organizations across industries to make informed decisions about cyber strategies, drive operational efficiency and achieve sustainable growth.

“In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, data-driven decision-making is more crucial than ever,” said Partner Fred Rica of BPM’s Risk Advisory practice. “X-Analytics is the industry leading cyber risk management application helping executive leaders and their board of directors understand their company’s exposure to cyber risk and optimize their cybersecurity strategy. Our collaboration will help our clients effectively manage business and financial exposure to cyber risk and assist in developing a cyber security strategy that delivers risk-reducing value to the business.”

With BPM and X-Analytics coming together in this strategic alliance they help organizations answer three key questions about their cyber protection: What are we doing? Is it enough? How do we know? Their combined solution provides organizations the information they need to plan their next actions.

By integrating X-Analytics’ technology into BPM’s consulting services, clients will be better able to understand their financial exposure to various cyber events and develop cybersecurity strategies most effective for reducing risk. This, in turn, will help them make informed investment decisions and comply with various regulatory obligations, including the latest SEC cybersecurity disclosure rule.

“Simplifying the technical complexity of cybersecurity and delivering clear risk reducing ROI and business value is the future of effective cyber risk management,” said John Frazzini, CEO of X-Analytics. “We look forward to working with BPM and their clients to convert the highly technical aspects of cybersecurity into business-friendly risk reducing outcomes.”

“BPM and X-Analytics share a common vision of providing comprehensive solutions that set the standard for effective cyber risk governance across the boardroom community and harness the power of data to drive business success,” added Managing Director Ken Frantz of BPM’s Risk Advisory practice. “We’re excited to be partners in providing more informed decision-making and better cyber protection outcomes.”

BPM offers businesses in all sectors a suite of Risk Advisory services to combat, correct and disrupt cyberattacks. For more information, please visit BPM Risk Advisory.

About BPM

BPM LLP is one of the 35 largest public accounting and advisory firms in the United States. Recognized as one of IPA’s 100 Fastest-Growing Firms, BPM works with clients in the consumer business, financial and professional services, life science, nonprofit, real estate, technology, and wine and agribusiness industries. As a Certified B Corp, BPM’s diverse perspectives, expansive industry knowledge and progressive solutions come together to create exceptional experiences for individuals and businesses around the world. To learn more, visit our website.

About X-Analytics

Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC), the innovators behind X-Analytics, are on a mission to deliver a cyber resilient future. The X-Analytics platform is setting the standard and transforming how executives, boards and the risk management industry align cyber security strategy with successful business outcomes. For more information, please visit https://www.x-analytics.com.


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/bpm-announces-strategic-alliance-with-x-analytics-to-arm-boards-with-enhanced-data-driven-solutions-mitigating-cyber-risk-302153139.html
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