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Biocell announces it received positive PCT International search opinions for its patent applications for OBX and OPX

Our focus is shifting the paradigm, from sick care to healthcare, enabling every person, including disadvantaged groups, to take charge of their health.”

— Laura Mann Kevehazi, DMD, FRSM founder of Biocell

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — BIOCELL Ltd, the start-up company engaged in research & development solutions for unmet needs announces it received positive PCT International search opinions regarding its patent applications for OBX and OPX, novel pipeline developments addressing breast and prostate pathology.

Following the search opinion confirming the applications are novel, inventive and having industrial applicability, several patent applications in different jurisdictions will be filed.

With demonstrated inhibitory, antiproliferative effect both in-vivo and in-vitro on the most common type of breast cancer cells, OBX is helping women to significantly lower the risk of breast malignancy development.

Background: One in seven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While women carriers of defective BRAC1/2 genes have a confirmed high risk, for women with a family history and high breast density and women undergoing HRT, the risk of breast malignancy is much higher, approximately 50%.

OPX addresses the increasing prevalence of prostate pathology in men over 40, demonstrating in-vitro inhibitory effect on the most common type of prostate cancer cells, as well as very significant improvement of prostate health biomarkers and sperm quality in case study.

Background: One in six Caucasian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, with much higher risk in men of African descent who have a genetic risk of 25% – 1 in 4 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. African American men are affected at a much younger age, tend to have more advanced disease when diagnosed, and are more than twice likely to die from prostate cancer.

Prostate health is crucial to men’s health and wellbeing at all ages. According to the American Urology Association: 90% of men between 45-80 are affected by lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) linked to prostate enlargement; approximately half of all men between 51-60 develop benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH); while 90% of men over 80 have confirmed BPH.

Preclinical and clinical data for both OBX and OPX, will be used towards obtaining specific regulatory approvals for marketing of each product in partnership with a pharma company.

BIOCELL is currently looking for exclusive partnerships for the US & EU markets.

BIOCELL is a woman founder biotech focused on discovery and development of innovative solutions for chronic conditions affecting people of all ages, ethnicity, and socio-economic group.

Laura Mann Kevehazi
+44 7504 947099
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/685492488/biocell-announces-it-received-positive-pct-international-search-opinions-for-its-patent-applications-for-obx-and-opx

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