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AutoVR360 Propels Car, Boat, and Retail Sales into the Future

READING, BERKSHIRE, UK, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — AutoVR360 introduces a pioneering application poised to transform the landscape of car dealerships, boat manufacturers, and consumer shopping experiences. With AutoVR360, we harness the potential of virtual reality (VR) technology to redefine the purchasing journey, offering an unprecedented fusion of customization, convenience, and immersion.

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Hannah Hayes, CEO and Founder of AutoVR360, vividly remembers the day that inspired her innovative venture. “Last year, my husband and I were accompanied by the regional sales director on a trip to the head office to spec our new Lamborghini. The round trip and process took an entire day—three hours on the road plus time spent on specifications and a lunch break, totaling six hours. Throughout this experience, using just a 2D screen often left us guessing about the appearance of different options. At one point, we had to examine real leather samples in various colours to try and visualize our choices accurately. It struck me then how transformative a virtual reality platform could be for this process.” This realization led Hannah to work closely with her technical team to create AutoVR360, revolutionizing the way consumers explore and purchase cars through an immersive virtual showroom.

AutoVR360 transcends traditional showroom experiences by granting users the ability to not merely view vehicles but to seamlessly customize every detail. From altering colours and interiors to specifying technical specifications, users can effortlessly personalize their dream car or boat. Furthermore, the application offers a dynamic virtual environment where users can explore their chosen vehicle from every angle, both inside and out, culminating in the unparalleled experience of test-driving their customized creation.

Max Walton, Regional Retail Manager for Lamborghini, expressed his astonishment upon witnessing the capabilities of AutoVR360, remarking, “wow, wow, wow , Incredible! That’s the dream way to spec a Lamborghini.” This endorsement underscores the transformative potential of AutoVR360 within the automotive industry. Click here to see the interview

Indeed, the applications of this ground breaking technology extend far beyond the automotive realm. With limitless possibilities, AutoVR360 stands poised to revolutionize how consumers interact with a diverse array of products, from cars to boats and beyond.

Hannah Hayes
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/705581656/autovr360-propels-car-boat-and-retail-sales-into-the-future

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