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Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) Marks 50 Years of Protection Through Detection with a New Look

FALMOUTH, Mass., May 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Associates of Cape Cod Inc. (ACC), a Seikagaku Group Company, is marking 50 years of innovation and safeguarding public health with a new brand identity, embodying the company’s enduring legacy and forward-looking vision. Along with a new logo, the global company, headquartered in Falmouth, Massachusetts, is updating its brand name to ACC.

In 1974, ACC perfected the modern process of bacterial endotoxin testing using limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) from horseshoe crab blood. Approved by the FDA in 1977, this critical process has since become the industry’s gold standard. Upholding our brand promise of “Protection Through Detection,” ACC has steadfastly provided high-quality products and services for endotoxin and (1,3)‐β‐D-glucan testing. Providing a critical quality control release test for pharmaceutical injectables, medical devices and renal disease, as well as clinical diagnostic screening to aid in the early diagnosis of invasive fungal infection, ACC has enabled testing that has protected millions of patients.

As ACC honors its historic roots and achievements, it also looks to the future with the PyroSmart NextGen® recombinant cascade reagent (rCR), a sustainable biotechnology that replicates the LAL enzyme cascade and requires no horseshoe crab blood, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and innovation.

Considering these milestones, ACC has decided it’s time to step into a new era with a brand identity that reflects our position as a leading biotech company dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and safeguarding global health.

“Today is not just about celebrating our history but embracing a future where we continue to innovate responsibly,” said Dr. A.J. Meuse, President and CEO of ACC. “Our new brand identity reflects our dedication to protecting patients and our respect for the natural world that has enabled our advancements over the last 50 years.”

ACC’s new branding will appear in promotional materials, at trade shows and other events, on the company’s website, and in its facilities.

As it celebrates this milestone, ACC reaffirms its commitment to quality, cost management, and sustainable practices every day. As we look back on our history with pride, we also look forward to a future of enduring contributions to health and science.

About ACC — A Seikagaku Group Company
Specializing in recombinant and traditional chromogenic and turbidimetric reagent technologies, ACC has been a global leader in endotoxin and (1,3)‐β ‐D‐glucans detection products and services for 50 years. ACC pioneered modern LAL testing methodology and was the first U.S. FDA-licensed company to manufacture LAL reagents; ACC is today recognized as an international leader in endotoxin detection. Visit www.acciusa.com for more information.

For further information, contact:
Vann Jones – Director, Global Marketing
Falmouth, MA
[email protected]

SOURCE Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/associates-of-cape-cod-inc-acc-marks-50-years-of-protection-through-detection-with-a-new-look-302142460.html
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