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AeroBand’s New Releases Shine at NAMM Show 2024, Garnering Rapid Popularity

AeroBand’s New Releases Shine at NAMM Show 2024, Garnering Rapid Popularity

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AeroBand, the technology brand dedicated to the global expansion of smart musical instruments, created waves at the recently concluded Nammshow 2024 by unveiling its highly anticipated AeroBand Guitar the world’s first smart guitar with painless silicone strings. Meanwhile, PocketDrum 2 Plus, AeroBand’s flagship product, garnered significant attention as attendees eagerly queued up to experience it on the show floor.In addition, Frank, Founder and CEO of AeroBand, gave back-to-back interviews, including discussions with renowned music host Eric Dahl and leading media outlets such as Premier Guitar.

AeroBand Guitar: Delving Deep, Democratizing Music

Eric inquired about Frank’s (AeroBand CEO) motivation behind designing this guitar during the interview. Frank explained, “While learning the guitar, I couldn’t avoid the discomfort caused by traditional steel strings, especially when practicing F chords, which led me to abandon it entirely.”

From a technical perspective, the AeroBand Guitar is an innovative silicone-fretboard guitar. This is not just a marketing gimmick; it is a revolutionary innovation. According to a 2022 study published in Frontiers in Medicine, the incidence of osteoarthritis (OA) in hand joints increased by 82.07% from 37,130 million people in 1990 to 67,602 million people in 2019. For individuals with finger ailments and sensitivity, including children and the elderly, this breakthrough technology opens up musical possibilities for a wider audience.

AeroBand Guitar: Easy to Start for Fun

For beginners and those who had previously given up learning the guitar, AeroBand Guitar undoubtedly addresses the pain issue during practice. The AeroBand Guitar stands out as an invaluable musical ally,” Frank revealed, “It’s not just about simplifying the learning curve—it’s about infusing the journey with joy and bolstering the learner’s confidence.

During the Premier Guitar interview, the AeroBand team showcased a unique application designed specifically for the AeroBand Guitar. Struggling with an F chord? That’s no longer an obstacle,” Frank assured.AeroBand Guitar can help you quickly become a chord master, even if you’ve just started learning the guitar. The AeroBand Guitar app supports customizable chord fingerings, making chord construction straightforward. Beginners can easily switch chords according to personal preferences without the need to memorize and practice extensively. Through engaging game levels, we’re teaching guitar in a way that’s both effective and thoroughly enjoyable,” he explained.

AeroBand Guitar: Easy to Go, All in One

In the interview, Frank mentioned that changing tones on traditional electric guitars poses a challenge for beginners. It not only requires various effects pedals and amplifiers but also adjusting multiple controls such as tone, volume, and pitch, significantly diminishing the enjoyment of learning. However, after three years of meticulous engineering, AeroBand engineers successfully achieved through the top buttons not only effortlessly switch between various tones, including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, and more, but also allow for keys tuning changes without the need for a traditional guitar capo. Furthermore, the AeroBand Guitar is equipped with a high-quality built-in speaker, eliminating the necessity for external amplification. The top of the guitar body also features an AUX expansion port for easy connection to other accessories, such as a microphone. The engineers at AeroBand have thoughtfully incorporated 6 different microphone tones, enhancing the overall playing even singing experience for beginners and creating a more enjoyable and convenient learning environment.

In addition to the rich tone reproduction, the AeroBand Guitar features a unique detachable neck design. This design enhances the guitar’s portability and simplifies maintenance and replacement.Moreover, AeroBand Guitar seamlessly integrates with MIDI tools such as Logic Pro and Sibelius, offering comprehensive support for musicians and expanding their creative possibilities. This makes the AeroBand Guitar an intelligent guitar that not only excels in tone but also demonstrates innovation in design and functionality.

PocketDrum 2 Plus: Center of Attention ”Drum Anywhere”

At this year’s NAMM Show, AeroBand takes the lead and showcases the highly anticipated product – PocketDrum 2 Plus. This product, which gained immense popularity on social media in 2023, was exposed on the internet over 500 million times last year alone. To date, the PocketDrum 2 Plus has sold more than 100,000 units, monthly sales exceed 10,000 units across the web! making it a widely discussed focal point. Its outstanding performance even led to AeroBand’s booth at NAMM Show 2024 becoming so popular that attendees had to wait in line for the chance to experience it firsthand. The craze surrounding PocketDrum 2 Plus is a testament to its exceptional features and the anticipation it has generated in the music community. an apartment dweller, or a user with restricted access to learning to play, this lightweight drum kit is the perfect solution.

New Technology Revolutionizes Drumming Experience

Following the release of the first PocketDrum, the product quickly became the object of imitation by many manufacturers. PocketDrum 2 Plus elevates percussion to a whole new level with its highly realistic experience and finely detailed, emotionally rich sound quality. Its built-in vibration feedback module enhances this experience, allowing you to feel lifelike responses while drumming virtually, as if performing live on stage. Compared to the 60ms latency of the first-generation PocketDrum, the advanced technology in the PocketDrum 2 Plus reduces the latency to below 20ms, significantly eliminating perceptible delays. The added 128 levels of force sensitivity allow you to adjust sound dynamics based on your striking force, creating soft tones with gentle taps and powerful sounds with stronger strikes. Compared with other products on the market that imitate PocketDrum, this iteration of technology makes a huge difference in the overall experience, and has also been highly praised by experienced musicians.

Versatility Shines in PocketDrum 2 Plus Features

PocketDrum 2 Plus excels in sound performance, offering eight different tones covering various music styles from jazz to rock, comparable to traditional electronic drums, meeting diverse musical needs. In terms of connectivity, the PocketDrum 2 Plus is exceptionally convenient. The adapter’s line output interface is suitable for headphones and speaker systems, allowing easy connection whether in a car or at home, using a 3.5mm input. The adapter’s line input interface supports microphone input and background music playback. Additionally, through wireless connection, your smartphone can easily transmit background music, providing a more flexible audio system integration for playing and practicing. For professionals using MIDI tools, PocketDrum offers various connection options, whether wireless or wired. Moreover, it is compatible with all current MIDI software, such as Logic Pro and Sibelius, as mentioned earlier.

AeroBand: A New Way to be A Musician

AeroBand, headquartered in Singapore, was founded in 2016 and has been consistently dedicated to the field of digital acoustic instruments, focusing on the global promotion of smart musical instruments. During the interview, Frank shared his vision with a clear passion, “My goal is to make the joy of playing musical instruments accessible to everyone in A New Way.” Yet, he acknowledges for a successful consumer electronics brand, there must be a perfect combination of humanity, technology, and business. The precise product power, innovative cross-technology, and the continuity of global business delivery have seamlessly fused, achieving a commercial closed loop from awareness, interest, decision-making to final delivery for this new brand.


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aerobands-new-releases-shine-at-namm-show-2024-garnering-rapid-popularity-302057393.html
Images courtesy of https://pixabay.com

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